Company history

We are leaders in design and automation of sugar centrifuges

2002: DACSA Foundation

DACSA was created in 2002, by a group of Mexican engineers, to offer integral solutions to centrifuges in mechanical, pneumatic and control parts and parts.

2004: Presence in Central America

As of 2004, it begins to have a presence in markets of:

  • Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua)
  • The Caribbean (Dominican Republic and Cuba)
  • South America (Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador)
  • Panama and Costa Rica

2012: Manufacture of centrifuges

As of 2012, the process of manufacturing intermittent and continuous sugar centrifuges began.

2017: Expansion

As of 2017, it begins to have a presence in the following markets:

  • Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia Vietnam)
  • South America (Brazil and Peru)
  • Australia